Yvette Dubel

Project Manager, Consultant, and Artist in the United States

Yvette Dubel

Project Manager, Consultant, and Artist in the United States

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I’m Yvette Dubel. And it may be that my diverse consultant and complicated life experience are key to finding your solution. Your business strategy can benefit from an uncommon vantage point that includes being interracially married to the same man for more than 25 years, the mother of 3, a contributing artist researcher & coauthor to Art Based Inquiry textbook as well as strategy consultant specializing in diversity inclusion, brand risk management innovation needs and opportunities…Not to mention a general Master Solution Finder. This unique perspective is available to help you, your organization or business before you waste more time and money.

A few of the problems I can help you with include:

Branding and Reputation Development

Meaningful branding content

Social media and event marketing strategy

Customer loss and avoidance

Inadequate brand confidence and value

Price war chaos

Worsening Employee engagement and performance

Don’t wait until you are looking a crisis in the face. Make your appointment to avoid catastrophe. Diversity inclusion isn’t just what you think it is. That’s because your position within your business or organization doesn’t give you the best perspective. Fact is that potential customers may be quietly avoiding your business, and worse sharing stories about negative experiences with your business brand. Negative customer stories have a shelf life that never expires and search engine archiving gives them an endless lifespan.

See blog posts to learn a little of what's on my mind these days. And connect with me to share what's on yours.

Areas of interest

Consulting & advocacy interests include learning freedom, change/growth, open source, tech development, social innovation, reproductive & birthing freedoms, conscious living, improving services, eradicating homelessness & poverty, ending domestic abuse , sustainable living, meaningfulness in business, authentic leadership, and a better more loving world for ever more of us.

I am committed to exploring ways to make use of my interest in alternatives to protest art. I have a passion for exploring broader applications for Art Based Inquiry to develop better solutions that work for greater numbers of people.Currently developing Brand Risk Management Innovation solution @ womencrossings.webantiphon.com

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