Melissa Cochran

Orlando, Florida

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I am a writer. A optimist and believer in karma. I am an introvert but at times I crave social interaction. I am a single mother of three children, a fifteen year old son with raging hormones, a twelve year old daughter who is a level headed natural born photographer, and a 20 month old son who was recently diagnosed with autism. I spend most days refereeing, cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, and stopping drama.

I started a blog when I was pregnant with my youngest son and it's an intimate look at autism starting from not having a clue to watching your child go through tests that require sedation to diagnosis. My blog is my refuge.

I am a surrogate mother to two girls who I am blessed to know, I chose to raise my son who is a result of rape, I have had several abortions, I have placed my child for adoption, and I am currently working on a book amidst the chaos that is my life. One thing is certain; I will not die wondering what if....

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