Zach Hedrick

Dexter, Missouri

Zachariah "Zach" Hedrick started his involvement at Arkansas State as a student living in the dorms. From a small rural farming area in Southeast Missouri, Zach quickly began to become involved with the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity during his freshman year on campus. With many friends involved in the agriculture organization, he began to forge relationships among his classmates, eventually serving as the President of the AGR group.

Zach received an additional honor as one of only three students selected to participate on the National Alpha Gamma Rho Board of Directors. Zach was involved with many meeting and helped to communicate the overall directions and improvements of the fraternity system.

He became involved with internships the summer of 2012 prior to his Senior year. Accepted as an intern for the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, Zach was involved with many of the activities and events held by the Chamber. With talents in the social media and graphics design area, Zach was also engaged in the design and deployment of different media content for the organization throughout the summer.

"Getting involved with internships has been one of the best decisions that I have made while at A-State," commented Zach. "Being able to spend time actually working side by side with those at these organization has given me a better understanding of what will be involved in my employment future."

Zach seized another opportunity for this semester as a marketing intern for the Brickhouse Grill in downtown Jonesboro. Living nearby to the restaurant and attending weekly management meetings, Zach has been able to get a feel for the overall "New Orleans" style concept and broaden the exposure of the business through various social media outlets.

"I've really been able to learn a lot from the Brickhouse team," said Hedrick. "I would definitely recommend others look into this experience."

  • Education
    • Arkansas State University