Zach Vinci

Project Manager and Designer in United States

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Zach Vinci is an Engineering and Project Management Professional (PMP). Vinci also works as a Freelance Art and Design Consultant. His versatile range of skills includes expertise in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Substance 3D, GIMP, Blender and Autodesk Maya. As a hobby, his curiosity turns into creativity with his unique tech customization projects. In the past, he has tinkered around with his smart headphones (including a pair of the lucrative Vinci headphones).

Engineer and Project Manager Zach Vinci is backed by over ten years of experience in the design, technology and construction industries. Rising up the ranks with each role, Vinci began his career cracking codes and code solving in the tech departments of various companies. Today, he’s transferring his skills as a software engineer to the more artistic side of the arena. Vinci is interested in technology, design, art and music.