Zager Guitars

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Zager Guitars was established in year 1969, by Denny Zager who was a recording artist in the group of ‘Zager & Evans’. This group gave its hit in 1969 called ‘In the year 2525’ that went #1. It sold around 20 million records and became the largest hit in selling history. With the passion to play guitar, Denny Zager tried his hands on almost all kind of guitars. Eventually Denny’s fingers started getting sore due to excessive playing of guitar, so he tried to find out something new and easy to play in the market and also approached many guitar manufacturers to build him an easier guitar to play. However all manufacturers failed to provide him the guitar that could give him the satisfaction, Denny decided to build a guitar by himself. Finally, Denny Zager developed one for himself, which sounded good and was easy to play. With time, other recording artists started coming up to Denny to demand for the same kind of guitar and that’s how Denny Zager started with this

The most special thing about Zager Guitar is that they are very easy to play. The thing that makes Zager guitars easy to play is lower strings height and custom string spacing. If the strings are higher, it makes more efforts to push it down so Denny created the guitar, which strings are lower to the surface and made it easier to press and play the cords. Strings with little spacing make the other strings hit while playing, so custom strings spacing was done to prevent it. It is really hard to press the strings as it is made up of metal only, so Denny found out other intelligent ways to work on all such problems that occurs while playing.

Guitars should always have the quality of playability. It is found in many guitars that the strings are high and neck is wide which makes it difficult to play and press cords, and it gives pain in fingertips. It is true that guitars are not at all an easy instrument to learn and play. However, Zager guitars made it possible for everyone to learn easily and play without pain and pressure on their fingertips. Zager guitars are easy to play and sounds good. It is always recommended to the beginner to start with a guitar which is playable. Not only for the beginners, it is important for all guitarist to go for the playability aspect of the guitars. Zager Guitars are reasonable in price, so they are worth paying for.

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