Zain Dada

I am from the Quad Cities IA-IL and am currently attending Augustana College where I am studying biology, computer science and French. Back in 2008, I graduated from Rivermont Collegiate, formerly known as St. Katharine's St. Mark's. Since then, I have found myself constantly learning new about who I am & where I belong in this world.

In terms of family heritage, both of my parents are from large, well-known families of Indian subcontinent.

My father - from whom I get my last name - descends from the "Dada" family, which started one of the longest-living brands still in existence in Pakistan. The trading-company now known as "Dalda" was the first to import vegetable oil from the Netherlands into the country.

My mother, descends from the "Bawany" family, known best for its influence in the industrial development of Pakistan. After the country gained independence from India, the family set up multiple factories dealing in the production of sugar and textiles.

Compared to the accomplishments of my ancestors, I have yet to scratch the surface. As a person of many interests, I am hopeful of my future and my potential to make my community a better place. When I am not studying, I can be found working in one of many departments on campus, including the Art Museum, I.T.S., the Office of Student Activities (O.S.A.), and Web Development.

In my spare time I volunteer at many local events along with other members of my community service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega (A.P.O.). My other pastimes include repairing computers, designing websites, and taking photographs of the world around me.