Zakaria Habib

Business Professional in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After graduating with a bachelor in Sales, Marketing & Communication in 2003, Zakaria directed projects in the petrochemicals industry within North Africa, contributing to the design and implementation of successful development strategies. His next challenge was to put his acquired skills and experience to the test in the competitive North American financial services industry.

For the last decade, Zakaria has been gaining a rewarding and progressive experience in Torontos' leading financial groups while completing his MBA online and graduating in 2012. He also obtained a professional Certificate in Digital Strategy and Communication Management from the University of Toronto in 2015 and completed several courses in Adult Learning and Professional Training.

Zakaria has been appointed Vice-President of the Moroccan Association in Toronto (2016-2018) where he plans and manages structural and community projects along with Government and Non-Government institutions. He is a voting executive member in the Board of Le Conseil de Coopération de l'Ontario and the Chair of the 'learn from difference' committee within a corporate Diversity ERG. He is also Executive Member and Director in the Arab Federation of Canada where he is contributing in re-building the Federation strategy and renewing its communication.

Zakaria believes in building bridges between cultures and communities. He is a passionate speaker and enjoys helping newcomers and job seekers with mentorship and advice.

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