Zane E Sanders

Musician, Blogger, and Adventurer in Canton, Ohio

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Zane Sanders is an educator, podcaster, copywriter, and musician/songwriter. He lives in Canton, OH with his wife, son, and daughter.

Interested in two friends and ministers exploring the intersection of faith and culture through the lens of Marvel? Then "The Gospel According to Marvel" is the podcast for you! Now on iTunes, or find us on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

An accomplished writer/editor for your freelancing needs. Having written for a variety of publications, including Brave Daily, The Slate Project, Vocal, and Movie Pilot, I have a large portfolio of essays, newsletters, videos, social media and designs for all of your copywriting needs.

As part of the husband-wife-duo, "Zen and Jane", and with 15+ years of experience in music, I am a proficient guitarist that has played along with folks in a plethora of genres. Listen to some of the tunes here.

I'm a low key, heuristic Enneagram 5 prone to absquatulate when around crowds too long, seeking to encourage others to actively engage with the world and others through intelligence, authenticity, and creativity.

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