Heber Nobre

Work: I'm a 26yo web developer (PHP, JSP, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3), Linux user (don't like Windows at all, but can't afford Apple products ;/ ) and computer addict. I like experiments, follow design creatives and code ninjas. I don't dream about being "the best", just doing what I like, design new stuff, and try to leave a mark. Also with experience with Java and some IBM products. Currently work @ BBVA Portugal. Personal likes: Soccer (Benfica, Chelsea sympathize), traveling, be with friends, music (a lot!), technology. I define myself as a mix of a geek, nerd and jock (because I listen to metal =P) I also like animals (2dogs, 2cats), and to experience new things. I'm also very attached to religion, without that, life's worthless and empty.