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semantic copywriter, Social Media Manager, and on page seo in England, United Kingdom

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Welcome. I specialise in semantic copywriting. What's that, then?

Semantic copywriters craft content that search engines understand as well as humans without lots of code.

We don't need gaming tactics. We don't want you to sacrifice your audience or get your site penalised.

By understanding artificial intelligence (AI), we understand the need to:

» write clear, unambiguous copy, relevant to your audience AND search engines;

» retain your brand's voice, tone, style and personality.

Don't search engines understand all the content we produce now?

Here's the problem. Many think that recent updates to search algorithms have solved past content issues. Not really.

As of now, AI comprehends content like a 4-year-old. Would a pre-schooler understand your site's content? Be honest. No? Okay.

Semantics, then. What is it?

‘Sematic Search’ or ‘The Semantic Web’ are buzzwords. Marketers and SEOs have jumped on the bandwagon and use them without realising what they mean.

Coding a website with all manner of Structured Data won't make search engines magically understand your every word.

That's because search indexers used entity (people, products, places & professions) libraries to verify any code.

That resource is both finite and tiny compared to the vocabulary we use on site. Thus, code can only help search engines understand snippets, a smidgeon of the conversation surrounding our brand.

How we use words between entities to relate them is key to engendering understanding and relevance via AI. Highlighting relationships can now have a huge impact on our effectiveness in search results.

Yes, AI is learning to join the dots. But we can help speed up the process with content; a semantic copywriter can:

► bring structure to unstructured content;

► retain your voice, garnering engagement to help prove your online authority;

► enhance your reputation by ensuring your content finds relevant prospects.

In short, a semantic copywriter will build discernible, verifiable opinion into your copy AND add value to the web/your audience.

If you’re ready to:

► reach more RELEVANT prospects;

► prove your niche AUTHORITY;

► grow your business through TRUST and ENGAGEMENT,

then I’m ready to help you achieve those goals.

There are many also-rans, getting nowhere fast. Let me help you get your nose in front and stay there.

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