Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

Doctor and Residency Candidate in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Zeeshan Hoodbhoy is currently pursuing a residency in Internal Medicine, studying under a Nevada Medical Board member whom he considers his mentor.

A graduate of one of the oldest medical schools in the Caribbean, Zeeshan completed his third and fourth year of medical school at Valley Hospital and University Medical Center in Las Vegas. He has since completed his externship and thus received a certificate of distinction from Stanford School of Medicine with Harvard University.

As someone who has always cared about healthy living, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy also freelances as a celebrity nutritional consultant. In addition to consulting, Zeeshan also promotes various blood drives and 5Ks to encourage healthy lifestyles in both children and adults. Establishing health-conscious habits from a young helps to ensure a long life, void of hospital visits and ailments attributed to obesity and lack of critical vitamins, among other contributors. Living a long and healthy life shouldn’t be considered luxury but an easily-attained goal, and Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy endeavors to make this a reality for as many people as he can.

Beyond health and medicine, Zeeshan is a visionary in entertainment and music. He is the founder of Hoodbhoy Entertainment and was a Premier DJ for years in California.

Given his interest and knowledge gained through his coursework, experience from studying under the top medical professionals in Las Vegas, and from attending and learning from many nutrition education events including Harvard and Stanford online, it seemed a natural fit that Zeeshan Hoodbhoy began consulting as a concierge nutritionist to celebrities.

While Zeeshan has primarily catered to a more elite clientele given his charismatic nature and career in the music industry, the most rewarding part is to merely get the information out there for anyone who needs it.

Recently, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy finished writing his latest children's book The Healthy Alphabet Book. Asa proud uncle, he credits his niece as his inspiration in writing children's books.Inspired to teach children healthy eating, educational information, good hygiene, and health and wellness, Zeeshan Hoodbhoy started writing books for his niece which he has now made available on Amazon.

Press release on The Health Alphabet Book

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