Zen Benefiel ma, mba

Consultant, Life Coach, and Small Business Owner in Chandler, Arizona

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Zen is an author, co-host & host, educator, facilitator, life coach and transformational specialist... 'possibilities coagulator' with an MBA and MA in Organizational Management.

Zen Benefiel appears to be a passionate and dedicated individual who is committed to helping others achieve their personal and spiritual goals.

He is known for his work in personal growth and transformation, spirituality, and ufology, and has written several books on these topics.

Benefiel incorporates various techniques and modalities, including hypnotherapy, energy work, and life coaching, to empower individuals to connect with their inner selves and live more fulfilling lives. He is also involved in various community organizations and is a musician.

Overall, Zen Benefiel's work and public persona suggest that he is a thoughtful, creative, and compassionate individual who is committed to making a positive difference in the world.

He believes in harmony among people and planet as a life-time achievement award. Through an interesting experience as a teenager he discovered we are cosmic consciousness condensed into form, becoming aware of the fact.... slowly, very slowly.

Learning how to work together, collaborating toward making sense common, is key to achieving dreams and goals. His passion is to help others achieve their dreams through coaching, consulting, collaboration and cooperation. We all win!


  • Work
    • Be The Dream LLC
  • Education
    • MBA
    • University of Phoenix; MA Org. Mgt.
    • University of Phoenix