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Purchasing, marketing, or leasing real estate in the New York and New Jersey metro regions may be a difficult experience. This is where the Zeng Law Group comes in, with their knowledge and competence in managing all parts of a real estate transaction from contract to closure. Residential and commercial real estate closings, title transfers, 1031 exchanges, lender representation, co-op representation, lease preparation and review, construction contracts, and co-op and condo-related problems are services they provide.

Hiring legal counsel before acquiring real estate is usually a good idea. You not only get security for yourself, your money, and your interests, but you also have access to a legal specialist who ensures due diligence is followed at all times. Contracts are scrutinized for wording not to the buyer's advantage, contain terms that might affect you later, and ensure the property is cleared for sale.

A New York City real estate lawyer, can help safeguard your interests in areas other than those described above. Other parties may need to be more cooperative, modify the terms of the agreement, or make it impossible for you to move on with a project. While avoiding these scenarios is only sometimes feasible, your real estate attorney can help you avoid unscrupulous actors that make it harder for you to achieve your objectives.