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Hello, I’m Zen Masta. I'm an independent conservative thinker living in the Washington, DC area. I'm not a Republican although I vote and support Republicans because they are the lesser of two evils in many cases (not all). Both major political parties are a construct. It's a game to control and influence the public for the benefit of the elite.

The history of the Republican party has been on the side of good despite what your history class or history books have taught you through a rewrite a history. The modern day GOP is now a member of the Uni-party, meaning they are one and the same with the Democrats. They only appear different in speech, rhetoric, and some policy because they have to dupe the voters. When it comes down to it both parties all have the same goals. TOTAL POWER AND CONTROL OVER YOU!

The Democrat Party is a threat to our society, they embrace socialism and have authoritarian tendencies. The Democrat Party will stop at nothing to ruin a man or woman, they are above the law, they control our education institutions, our entertainment industry, and our news media. The Democrats have extreme power and they use and abuse it every single day along with their loyal satanic soldiers in the media.

I comment regularly on YouTube, Disqus and a variety of news and information websites online and run my own blog site. I'm not Alt-right, I'm not part of any group on the right or left, I only seek the truth. My main goal is to battle against the evil in this world in all forms and in particular the mind control going on in our news media and print. I love to debate and have conversations with individuals. I'm African American, I'm old school, and totally politically incorrect.