Pierre-Antoine Grégoire


Easing software architecture, software design and improving related processes is and (as far as I can remember) has always been my purpose.

Software Architecture and Agility are my current main centers of interest, as levers allowing me to simplify I.T. not only for my own sake but also for my fellow coworkers, for projects stakeholders, and for operational teams.

During the 14 years of my IT career, I've had the possibility to gradually take a few more steps back in order to see the big picture. I now try to leverage the best from what I've learned in order to (hopefully) achieve neat design and insightful software.

On the side I created and am still involved in various open source projects. I am president since 2010 of the Java User Group of Luxembourg (YaJUG), I've spoken in multiple conferences, and co-initiated the Devops Mercenaries, a friendly group of experts focused on improving the collaboration between business, development and operations.