Zig Ziegler

Zig Ziegler founded the I Wanna Be a World Class Athlete, Biomechanics Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Research testing clinics in order to help athletes improve their performance on the playing field.

At his clinic, Mr. Ziegler often works with athletes who have been injured while playing extreme sports. Through his extensive program, athletes are rehabilitated so they can perform at optimum levels. Athletes are also taught how their body works and shown the best methods for reducing injuries.

The I Wanna Be a World Class Athlete clinics offer innovative approaches to amateur and all-pro athletes from every sport including basketball, football, and baseball. Zig Ziegler’s clinics are the first biomechanics research testing clinics to utilize the benefits of 3D-Motion Capture. This technology is instrumental in helping athletes to time and measure their abilities in an effort to increase their sports performance, fitness level, and resistance to sports related injuries.

More than 50,000 athletes tested in Zig Ziegler’s biomechanics research testing clinic have profited from motion capture technology. These athletes have gone on to earn college scholarships and obtain professional contracts by identifying the causes of sports-related injuries and recovering from these injuries.

As a leading sports kinesiologist, Zig Ziegler was inspired by the work of renowned biomechanics expert Dr. Gideon Ariel. Mr. Ziegler has 18 years of comprehensive experience in the world of sports-related training and fitness.

Zig Ziegler is the author of Absolute Kinetix: Training From the Ground Up--Essential Exercises for Optimizing Your Body, a book written to assist athletes with their training and fitness regimen. He is a certified Sports Performance Specialist and expert kinesiologist. Mr. Ziegler often works with renowned athletes as a Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist as well.