Zubair Qamar

I am an international development professional and independent counter-extremism analyst who uses Islam to counter extremists of all colors, including:

(1) "Muslim" extremists/terrorists who wrongfully claim the "Sunni" mantle, and

(2) Non-Muslim Islamophobe extremists who have vested interests in portraying Islam as the "Muslim" extremist/terrorists would like Islam to be portrayed.

Both groups of extremists are different sides of the same coin who use their distorted interpretations of Islam, ignorantly or deliberately, to attack the religion of Islam and the majority of its peaceful followers. In promoting their fanatical goals, both sides fuel hatred and violence, a "clash of civilizations" mentality, and make this world a more dangerous place.

By uniting humanity against both groups, it is my hope that true moderation prevail among adherents of all communities.

This is a "living" blog with many articles that will be updated over time. Thoughts and ideas are welcome. Though there are many ways to counter extremism, this blog focuses mainly on using Sunni Islam and its tradition to counter militants who deceptively speak in the same tradition's name.