Zulfi Azad

New Delhi, India.

Having been associated with the media and advertising industry for past one decade, Mr.Zulfi Azad is one of the most prolific persons of the same field. He completed his bachelors degree from the well-renowned Jamia University and entered the media industry as a news editor in NDTV. His knowledge and experience in this field is responsible for making him one of the most eligible person to be working with.The skills that he possesses can transform and utilize technology in anything he attempts to do which is one of the chief reasons behind all his accomplishments. The efficiency with which he frames and implements the advertising as well as marketing strategies based on the demography of the potential clients and further executes it through different channels and media modes is of paramount importance to any company for which he is working. He has the distinguished capability of sowing the seed of a brand in the market and further sprouting it throughout its life cycle by creating an impactful recall value in the minds of the audiences. His mind is always functional bearing the in-depth know-how of his field all by himself & that's the reason he is the hidden face behind the brands like Fujifilm, WWF, CII, Bank of America and several others. Hence, once a brand reaches him, the client can raise his faith upon him and ensuring that their task is being handled by one of the experts in the field of media and advertising.

Communicating and understanding the media along with a competent approach of reaching the diversified client base requires expertise and this man rightly knows how to strive for his skills in the most appropriate and effective manner. Planmedia, a brainchild of Mr. Azad in India is a complete solution advertising firm that works on his layouts. His creative bent of mind along with an out-of-the-box approach towards work shows rightly in the outputs he shows and accolades he has achieved over the years. Being facilitated with Young Achievers award is a matter of great pride for anybody, and he has already acquired that honor on his name embossing a mark on the world.

He says, "Success is a combination of right timing and a prudent approach towards the work assigned & i love working in a scenario where i can experiment and i am given the freedom to implement my creativity to its fullest and utilize my resources to its optimum requirements. Hence, my working approach gets justified on its own.I always believe in tak

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