Michael Zyon McCalley-Scott

Michael Zyon McCalley-Scott

If we begin with the end in mind, then would you write your obituary?

“I know you believe you heard what you thought I said, but is what you heard what I really meant?” – Alan Greenspan

My Obituary:

Born Michael Zyon McCalley Scott. He was a wonderful human being. He died at the age of 97, but acted like he was 50. He was known by many as Zyon. He knew many people who considered him family. His integrity was unmatched and he was as sharp as he was witty. Zyon took a liking to many things. He enjoyed hiking the 23.9 Miles of the Grand Canyon. He enjoyed running several marathons including becoming one of the top 1,000 in the Boston Marathon by the age of 40. He helped more and more people with less and less work.

I am very interested in the spectacle of life. I am a pragmatic programmer with a contagious positive attitude. Everyday I look and enjoy the fact that every one of on the street, block, city, world is so different from one to the next. I like people and they like me. You will find me always helping others to the best of my ability. If I am unable to help someone out I immediately find someone who can.

I am very adaptable to change. If I’m not having fun what is the point. I do everything full force. I have an unspoken integrity and I am visibly honest. I concentrate on the details without getting caught up in them. Life takes me everywhere I want to go.

There is a market for everything and anything. I do think there is a difference in being promised money and being given money. I am only interested in the latter. I always come out on top and grab the gold. If you would like to see me I will be beaming with radiance.

Zyon’s message to the world was “Love and Respect.”