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Milwaukee Business Services

Business Services is a roundup of the best service providers that do business in Milwaukee. We will try to keep this updated with the best service based businesses you can choose in the Milwaukee, WI area.

Explore to Collect in Milwaukee

Blessed with its scenic sights, Milwaukee’s provides the ideal escape for travelers. Look out for our top picks for the best tranquil and relaxation sites in the city. For a start,SALS Houses provides a quality sober living for recovering patients. With job searching for workforce development as their aim amongst many residents become free in familiar isolation while the houses themselves adapt to the patient’s home environment. In-house recuperation is gender specific, with each house having an on-site manager and housemates that give complete team motivation. Interested individuals are always welcome to inquire and visit the grounds. The facility is located 30 minutes away from the capital, Milwaukee.

Tourist sites in the city cannot just be narrowed down to going places—it’s a matter of what to do. T.H. Stemper and Co. is a specialty shop that provides you with a collection of religious figures particularly those of a Christian background or Catholic faith. Sacred accessories like communion cups and wafers, priest robes, candles, pulpits and even bibles are available especially during the seasons of Easter and Advent. Even if it is just for tourists, it is a store of relative convenience and would give you the rare contemplative experience. Another collective rarity is the American Geographical Society Library as part of the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. You are allowed to explore a vast resource of maps, atlases, and globes that show the evolution of the earth from different time points. Originally located in New York, the library settled in Wisconsin in 1978. Their statistics are quite impressive: approximately 600,000 geological references and media dated back to the 1400s with over 500,000 maps that cover historical world events. The library itself is a little daunting but still, it is highly encouraged to be browsed and be inquisitive about and it certainly is one of the perks of Milwaukee.

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