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Uni Hatsupa

Therapist in California

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(12 years as a yoga master, 7 years as a Tantric Expert & BS & MS in Holistic Health)


- I work with men, women, couples and groups.

- All sessions are 2 hours.

- Become authentically healthy and balanced.

- Learn how to attract your soul partner.

- Learn Nude Tantra and explode your life.

- I will teach energy healing and wellness.

- Become a formidable lover.

- Enhance your sexual health and enjoy intimacy until you die.

- Learn how to always excite your partner.


(If you want to be trained in the Tantric Arts I recommend, Tantra Wellness Training at


Located in NY, CA & London


My sessions are donation based only... authentic love and wellness should never be about money.


I'm out of the country for six months. I'm taking an intensive yoga training in Tibet. (Find another therapist at: