The Stop Rape App


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A.I. Apps, using any or all or today's computing power i.e. the cloud, Cognitive Computing like IBMWatson, Meaning Based Computing like HPAutonomy, Biometrics, Analytics, Voice Stress Analysis, Emotion Analysis, Facial Expression Analysis, etc and use the Networks of all the major clients of any and all of the technology 'partners' to spread the apps and refine those apps via real time feed back. 20+ years of personal research says yes, it has been possible since 2003, to use technology to turn back the tide of the Global sexual abuse/rape culture.

Who teaches your children about relationships? What about an app that lets you know what is 'normal' teenager and what's learnt hate and disrespect.

An app that can 'spot' a secret misogynyst, an app that can let you know if your new date is lying.

An app that can spot the atmosphere changing before you do, an app that is hyper aware on your behalf; an app that understands when too many double entendres have been uttered.

It's up to you to decide what you could use this type of power for. Proving your abuse is real or proving your abuser is guilty. Making sure the authorities take you seriously.

"Our stories have been buried, denied, erased, altered, and minimized by patriarchal systems that allow impunity to reign. Justice begins when we speak, release, and acknowledge the truth in solidarity and community. ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is an invitation to break free from confinement, obligation, shame, guilt, grief, pain, humiliation, rage, and bondage.

The campaign is a recognition that we cannot end violence against women without looking at the intersection of poverty, racism, war, the plunder of the environment, capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy. Impunity lives at the heart of these interlocking forces.

It is a call to bring on revolutionary justice."

  • Work
    • Sexual harrasment in the workplace
  • Education
    • Catch child 'groomers'
    • Pick up on sexual abuse
    • School bullying