Alanna King

Elora, Ontario, Canada

Current roles: teacher-librarian and eLearning English teacher, directions team leader of digital and informational literacies, wife to an uber-geek, mom to a super-wiggly 10 year old, OSSTF volunteer, organizer of #BIT15Reads, active member of OSLA, CLA, OSSTF, OTC, OTF, published in the OSLA, CLA and ISTE.

Skipped kindergarten because I could read. Tested gifted in math before being introduced to integers, and then blew it. Found drama in grade 8 and studied it passionately for the next 8 years, then education. Went to Japan to pay off my student loans, twice! Started teaching in Ontario in 2000, English and literacy in Peel but took my old drama teacher's job in Orangeville when he retired. With the shrinking population of our school, I found myself teaching 5 subjects in 3 departments in 6 gave it all up to be full-time teacher-librarian. And I'm loving it. Just finished my Masters in Education with a focus on teacher-librarianship completely online through the University of Alberta. I'm having trouble sleeping because I can't get my brain to shut up.