Alanna Scanlon

Student, Dancer, and Volunteer in Ontario, Canada

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I have dedicated a large part of my life to helping people across the globe, from Canada, to Honduras, and up to the top in Iceland. What I am most passionate about is finding the creativity in this world, and what we use it for. Some may use it to calm there mind and senses, and others use it to express themselves. I happen to use it for both, and lucky for me, I am able to do this as a source of income. I have been a dance instructor for young children over the past five years, and nothing makes me happier then to see a young face brighten as they learn something new. So, as you can imagine, I love God's little ones, and have been lucky enough to help other countries children as well. Such as, volunteering in a Honduras orphanage, and being able to wake up and see these smiling faces of joy, ready to begin a new day of playing, painting, and laughter.

A few months ago I also returned home from Iceland where I was able to help a family in need, who were going through a hard time. They all taught me special, meaningful things. Such as the importance of love, and caring. But I would have to say that one of the most important things I learned was...the Icelandic language is the hardest language to learn!

so as you learn more about me, you will also learn that: Nothing is more satisfying than being a part of a world where we can see a child's happiness.

Yes it is a pretty fulfilling life.