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Albert Strydom

Sales in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Greetings, I’m Albert. To begin the writing of any literature is probably the most difficult but I am just going to try and put on this electronic paper what is on my mind in a way that I know. All I long for is to have a piece of land of my own so that I can work the land and provide for my family. I am a simple quiet man that believes that action speaks louder than words, with me what you see is mostly what you get. I am a God fearing men that have had my personal questions and tussles with God. I am a deep person with many fears and concerns, I sometimes get depressed about my accomplishment’s and it looks as if I have been a failure but then I turn to my marriage, daughter and God, I get reminded that I am a good farther and husband. I am far from perfect, as you can see I am not much of a writer but I think it is good to try different thing in life so here I am. I am not afraid to cry but I will sometimes try to hide it, I have had thing happen to me that shouldn’t happen to any parent but I still have so much to be thankful for. Words can say a lot but there is so much that can’t be said. I don’t like judging anyone but I am human and it happens so fast. I try never to assume that I know anything more than I actually do, I have not always been able to ask when I don’t know something but that got better as I got older and less worried of what others might think of me. I don’t like to dwell in the past but it does feel as if we are making thing to complicated for ourselves as we move forward with all the latest technologies that’s supposed to help us and improve our quality of life, I wonder sometimes. This is simply a very small glimpse of who and what I am and hopefully I will get better ant writing and finding the right words, if only for myself jut take the time and write down some of my life experiences, ambitions and aspirations.