Mendenhall's Lincoln's

I grew up on a small farm with horses, cows, etc. My home was an old church and my great grandparents homesteaded just a quarter of a mile West of the old church. Then my grandparents lived in the well house just west of the church. The church was made into an apartment complex. My grandfather Tom bought the church and made it into a home. My grandfather from Okla came down and built a basement and put a kitchen on it. They moved the door from the back bedroom. I spent many a happy moment in that house. My dad and Aunt were raised in the little well house just West of the church.

I am working on the geneology of our family. I have here links to sites that will take you into family tree's of the Seekins family and mendenhall family. I am a Burch on my father's side then on my mother's side we go back to Mendenhall's, Seekins, and Lincoln. We are related to Daniel boone's wife Rebecca Bryan and Abraham Lincoln. My mother's mother was Effie Mendenhall granddaughter of lucy lincoln and Nathan Mendenhall, and trails back to Isaac Mendenhall who was a brother of Richard Mendenhall who was killed with Daniel Boone's son their first trip to Kentucky. A cousin John Mendenhall had been married a year to Rebecca Bryon Boone's niece. He was also with that group that fateful night by the Indians. Daniel's son was tortured by the Indians Richard Mendenhall was shot. John crawled off and died from his wounds. So read the story and follow the family tree. To see the different web pages I have found on family links go to the link page click on it and from there you will find the different links.