Amanda Konstantine

Amanda Konstantine Perlmutter is an 18 year old artist of many trades and attributes. She has a wide range of interests and talents including art, dance, writing, music, psychology, environmental science, acting, and photography. Her poems and articles have been published online by Stand & Voice, Stage of Life, The Keystone Connection, and in print by Teen Ink. In addition to her magazine publications, Amanda self-published a poetry collection called “Alternative”. Amanda was featured in the “Twelve Lives in Queens” art exhibition at Local Project art studios in Long Island City. She was also featured on an episode of “Mary Talks Money” to discuss an article she wrote. Amanda teaches a poetry workshop at Barnes & Noble Fresh Meadows. *************************************************************************************** Now for a more fun bio, I’m a vegetarian, I’m homeschooled, and I take competitive dance classes as well as yoga and guitar. I have lots of pets, my room is painted black and turquoise, I like all types of music but particularly indie rock and alternative. I love to read fiction, mythical creatures are awesome. I don’t watch much TV, but I love movies both old and new, especially Tim Burton films. Last but most exciting—I live in New York.

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