Amy Marie Jackson

Research Obssessed Fool, Digital Marketing Consultant, and Mother in Memphis, Tennessee

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I am the "creative techie" type, an Online Digital Marketing Consultant, former IT Recruiter and mother currently living in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a natural leader who loves to inspire and motivate people to believe in themselves, find what they are great at, focus on that talent then hit the start button!! I have my own inspirations and motivations that make me who I am. My passions and interest include learning ballroom dancing, creative design (software), hanging with my family and friends and living this life to the absolute fullest!!

I am on a constant quest for learning something new, I didn't know yesterday. I love deep intellectual conversations and debate. I don't always have to win, but I will definitely give it my best. I am a driven, well spoken, loving, friendly, giving woman. I am grateful for my children and love my job. I am independent and stable. I have made plenty of mistakes in life, but practice makes perfect.

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