Student in Tours, France

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I am a physics researcher but I still live life and enjoy it !!! I play badminton, I love kids and I want to travel a lot.

I come from a small village in the mountains in north India. I lived with nature (in my village' called Bounsla) for almost 16 years and then I shifted to a small city called, Dehradun for my Graduation and post graduation. I did quite well in my UG and PG. After, I started preparing for the famous GATE exam to enter in IIT's (IIT's are very famous in India and best known for their best technical education). I qualified GATE and entered in IIT Delhi-one of the best technical institutes in India and also in the world. It was like a dream and IIT Delhi didn't disappoint me and I enjoyed each moments there.

IIT's system gives me a lot of confidence. In the last semester of M.Tech in IIT Delhi, I started looking for PhD positions abroad. I got 3 positions at the same time and I chose France because of the research topic and nice country.

I am really lucky to have a lot of friends from different cultures and nationalities. One most important thing which I learnt here is to be human and humanity beyond any color, cast or nation!!

Now I am in the last year of my PhD research and I have already two publications in internation journal and third one will be coming soon!!!.

I will keep updating...!! :)