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Student in Algeria

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Assalam Ealaykoum (Islamic greeting )
Hi guys gonna talk about myself.. my name is imane ,i'm 19 years old but I'll be 20yo soon .i'm Algerian from Biskra exactly. i'm of course Muslim and proud to be ,,i'm not working yet i'm studying Math & Info "MI" at Biskra University .i have my twin her name amina and she's my only sister .. i'm keen on blue color . i dislike cats i can't even touch but i love to publish its pictures hahaha i look like an hypocrite it's okay -.-"
i don't have special food or fruit to like since i'm in diet period nowadays i'm interested to sports and one of fitness and workout fan haha just watching and supporting beside that wanna learn how to swim so bad ...
my favourite flower was my friend xD since her name .. i still love that baka but often she doesn't deserve anyway it is now Hydrangea and it's my Facebook name lol
i don't know how to describe myself physically i'm close to be slim and i have medium length wearing Hijab but morally i look like crazy xD emotional,nervous, complex ,choosey, boring,impatient ,lazy .disobey .. sometimes excited mmm ... i don't know if i'm a good person but i'm upgrading myself noone is perfect .. i can know if i'm annoying or amazing by my friend views

Well my hobbies are limited or to be honest i didn't find them yet however i'm doing my best to be talented in something special like having fun by reading books/novels .. or memorising God book "Qur'an" , cooking , ..
i like watching anime and reading manga but i can't call myself "Otaku" yet .. i'm a girl and i have many responsibilities to do ...
like you notice i'm poor in English language but i'm interesting to learn .

About my friendship i had ones but recently we separated .. i spent wonderful days with them but terrible ones too..happy to know you all if you're reading this . i'm not regretting anyway but life is changing it doesn't stop for anyone . i have close friend and i'm not sure that i can leave him oneday i can't apply my decisions without asking for his help i found him whenever i was in need .. i really consider him as a my brother thanks to that dependable person really i had honor to be in his friend list .. moreover i have someone occupies my heart and i'm waiting the day we can be together . pray for us ...
what else .. my life isn't that perfect i tried friends betray,hate ,jealousy , ignorance ,.. i suffered like everyone but thanks God for every single thing i have .i can mention dad lessons -.- " even it hurts

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