Austin Offutt

Director in Denver, Colorado

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Austin Offutt is an Accomplished Executive / Entrepreneur with 18 years’ experience creating and developing new revenue markets for both start-ups and large corporate organizations. Austin possess a strong belief in the mission of contributing to the greater good beyond one’s self and creating an innovative business eco-system that enacts the attributes of emergence, passion and experimentation. He has spent his career modeling “provocative competence” and how to generate ideas and solutions by embracing the difference, eccentricity and diversity of individuals in the collective group. This model has given people with whom Austin Offutt works with the ease and willingness to adapt, collaborate, inquire and debate disruptively rather than destructively, experiment and improvise while keeping the differences and deviance simmering. This behavior has allowed his past organizations to embed intrinsic motivators, mindsets and behaviors into activities and habits, processes and systems that ultimately led to the emergence of new products, customers and market segments.

Austin Offutt

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