Beyond Organic

Producing and selling the best foods in the world., Chef, and Small Business Owner in the United States

Welcome to the Beyond Organic site.

We are the proprietor of a cleaner food supply chain (American Indian Tribes). Our business model is anchored throughout the United States. We do not deal with commercial farming operations. We oppose farming techniques which have a reliance on heavy chemical/pesticide utilization.

We believe in clean farming techniques, which in some cases, are hundreds of years old in practice.

Our focus/mission is to provide fresh produce, grains, and meats from American Indian Tribes. We also offer finished products like 20 varieties of salads, and same-day meals (frozen prepared meals) delivered fresh to your door step.

Our lead founder is a Chef that sells some of the best foods in the world. We are located in the United States, Midwest. You can hire (buy) produce from us with a click on the button above. Here is a link to our founder's personal site:

We offer to you the highest quality ingredients (Beyond Organic) from private tribal farms accross the country. These farms are not open to the public. So we deliver to clients some of the best (most nutrient rich) food sources. This includes grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

If you have any questions or need service, feel free to email us at: [email protected]

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