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Writer in Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

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"My Brother the Cop, My Brother the Cop"

It was the summer of 1954. We were twin brothers, the youngest of seven children. We enjoyed family picnics at Crystal Beach, it was the absolute best. Amusement park rides including the Comet roller coaster and three legged races. We each had Union Jack flags at the ready for the visit of the Queen that summer. Seeing the royal yacht Britannia streaming down the Welland Canal was a life time event. The ownership of a single new baseball glove, bat, and hardball between us made us heroes. A chemistry set, hide and seek,"Cops & Robbers", cap guns, holsters and badges, badges. These were all the things we needed for life's journey at six years of age. Or was it? Life's ups and downs, it's joys and sorrows, would change us forever.

What shapes a life more, character learned or inherited? What determines destiny, circumstances or choice? Good guy or bad guy?

Our tale is a non-fiction historical Canadian police story about family and values. Policing has evolved since the 1970's, seen first hand over our decades of service. "My Brother the Cop, My Brother the Cop". We were two of the good guys amongst thousands. Cops who wound up in two different provinces, two city cops whose story will resonate with peers.

We remain passionate about law enforcement, family, and life. Do you need a path and a chart for fulfilled living? Let our history be your compass. Our reflections about love and loss, ambition, courage and tenacity will inspire you. Pride, resilience, leadership become touchstones. This book is not just for persons thinking about law enforcement as a career.

William S. (Billy) Cowper

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