👾Chiaki👾 ♦️Harley♦️

Psychology Major in Ohio

👾Chiaki👾 ♦️Harley♦️

Psychology Major in Ohio

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Hi! You can call me Harley or Chiaki (if we share a canon then you can call me my name from that)! This is just some information about me

👵🏻 I'm 18 (12/30/98)

🚺 Cis female but any pronouns work

👩🏼‍🎓 Psychology Major

🏳️‍🌈 Polysexual (not polyamorous)

👫 Taken since 7/21/15 in a straight ldr

🐍 Slytherin & Horned Serpent

🐶 I have a Morkie familiar named Navi

⚠️ I have been professionally dxd with a learning disability, a severe disorder causing an emotional disability and a mental illness (dm for details I don't mind telling people them I'm perfectly open but don't want it written in a place for random people can see)


• Danganronpa

• Psychology

• Harry Potter

• Voltron

• ToraDora

• Your Lie in April

• Comic Books

• Anime

• Video Games

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