Chizuru Nihei

Hello everyone,

I'm Chizuru an actress from Japan. My strongest talent is singing. I love singing songs from opera and musical theatre. In the past, I had paid a couple visits to New York City to view various performances and strengthen my skills to achieve my dream of one day performing as an actress of Broadway theatres.

While as a Junior at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, my first visit to New York was spent watching around 10 musical performances. Despite my level of English at the time, I was able to understand the beauty and wonder of the stage; I wanted to be just like them. I was studying opera but had changed my mind and went to Canada to be a musical theatre actress. After graduating college in Canada, I returned to Japan and joined the musical theatre company, Shiki Theatre Company, and took part in shows like Wicked. I really wanted to make my dream come true so I revisited New York and continuous make attempts to audition and perform with Manhattan's gifted artists.

Since I moved in New York City, I have been able to gain the experiences of meeting and working with other talented artists within the stage and public events. I hope to gain more of these experiences and grow to live my dream.

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