Chris Janese

CEO at The Green Room in San Diego, CA

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A creative mind with unwavering determination, Chris Janese is a recognized name in the event planning space. With over three decades of experience in the field, Chris has been at the forefront of numerous memorable productions. Janese has had the pleasure of working with globally recognized companies such as CA Technologies, Juniper Networks, Intel, SAP, Allergan, Scura, Ariel Investments, and Starbucks.

Before his involvement with the Green Room, Chris Janese held the position of President at G&R Live for a remarkable thirteen years. Chris is an alumnus of Belmont University, earning his BA in Business Administration and Music Business. Following his graduation, he transitioned into the role of Executive Vice President at TBA Global, and he has been steadfast in his career progression ever since.

One aspect of Chris's career that he particularly enjoys is the opportunity it provides for him to harness his passion for creativity and problem-solving. In his role as a prominent figure in private event planning, Chris has successfully arranged the participation of several high-profile talents for a diverse range of clients.

Aside from his work, Chris Janese is an avid traveler. Having traveled most of his life, Chris Janese now shares those experiences with his children. From Bali to the Bahamas, Chris has experienced a life that led him on a global journey and brought him full circle. Being able to share such meaningful experiences with his two daughters has been beyond rewarding for Chris. Chris sees travel as more than just a means to have a great time; it's a way to acquire knowledge and understanding from the diverse people he encounters around the world.

The advantages of travel are undeniable, regardless of any frustration arising from the numerous Instagram accounts promoting the allure of a digital nomad lifestyle. Chris Janese fully understands that travel is something one must personally experience to truly grasp its value.

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