Claes Axstål

Carpe Momentum Photography in Göteborg, Sverige

Claes Axstål

Carpe Momentum Photography in Göteborg, Sverige

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Dear friends of photography,

My SPECIALITY is to photograph by illuminating aircraft, boats and other large objects in real life & full action.

That we do with a purpose built & unique photo-flash-system for the marine & aviation industry.

My professional photography career started with ski photography in the the early 80's when I brought flash photography to the high mountains. At the dawn of the new millennium I managed to prove my powerful Algot Flash System for the aviation industry and that thanks to a fantastic collaboration with the Swedish Air Force.

My one-of-its-kind 250kg heavy CMP A-System is not only shielded electro-magnetically for operation on board aircraft and approved by the Swedish Defense Material Administration and the US Coast Guard, but also sealed for protection at sea.

When you like to capture a clear image of e.g. a large ship in a beautiful sunrise and not only show it as a dark silhouette, then there is no substitute for an additional and very intense light source.

Foreword to my book by Jay Miller, cofounder of The International Society for Aviation Photography:

"I like to think of Claes as a visionary. No other photographer - much less aviation photographer - on the planet has done what he has done."

My Airborne Flash Photography is not only an unique creative photographic tool for marketing in the marine- & aviation business, but also for other subject matters, on land, at sea and in the air.

Please feel free to click the links above & below and let us show you what we got!

// Claes Axstål at CMP

Email to: axstal(at)

Mobile Phone: +46 708 65 42 42

Satellite Phone: +8816 31 44 77 97

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