Sam Dossa

Business & Heart Transformation Coach, Burnout Specialist, and Motivational Speaker in the United Kingdom

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Business & Personal Coach - Specialised in BURNOUT. I have been immersed in personal motivation and permanent transformation since 2007. I started as a coach within the Youth Sector and then developed this into business transformation which has been in operation since 2009.

As a result of my extensive international training of entrepreneurs and leaders since 2002, I am recognised as one of the UK’s top trainers and coaches. In 2005, I began offering talks and workshops for young adults at schools and colleges. In that time, i trained and spoke to over 8,000 young adults. They include the gifted and talented as well as students with behavioural challenges.

10 years of extensive working experience as a Freelance Consultant/Coach/ Mentor/Trainer & Public Speaker independently and as a co-trainer with other qualified professional trainers.

Privileged to served multinational companies in different capacities and provided capacity building seminars for companies including; Centurylink, British Telecoms, CBT Systems Limited, Department of Works & Pensions (DWP), Empowering Youth, KI Work, Ismaili Council for European Union, Workoco, Fireworks Coaching, Twickenham Academy, London Borough of Richmond, Slough Grammar School and SPELT (Karachi – Pakistan).

BURNOUT is a key factor of Heart attack, stroke and many forms of cancers! I create preventative major so it can be cure before it's too late. Burnout not devastate one's life but all those connected to that one life i.e. spouse, children and close relatives and friends.

Have coached and coaching individuals on exploring relationship issues and helping them to achieve the best positive optimum results.

Only way to heal your past traumas is to acknowledge them and bring them to surface and work through a process which not heal the core of the trauma but replaces it with a new life.

I have also been highly active in community, and also helping a local charity offering coaching & youth mentoring sessions.

Finally, i have facilitated several group coaching sessions on team building addressing; team issues, creating team plans, building customer rapport within the team and achieving successful team results.

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