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Please check the TCP Wifi Router Settings / IP settings.

• Click the "Windows / Start button / Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center."

• Click Change Adapter Settings in the left box.

• Right-click on the name of the LAN connection and select "Properties".

• Select the "Network" menu. Locate the Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv6) and Internet Protocol (TCP / IPv4) entry. Check whether these are activated (checkmark before the entry).

• If these entries are not activated, enable both protocols. Select the logs and click on "Properties" again.

• The option fields "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" should be activated.


For Windows Vista, see the o.g. Options in the "System control" under "Network connections", the corresponding connection with the right, then "Properties" and "Network". After double-clicking on the "TCP / IP protocol" with the binding to your network card.

For Windows 8, you will find the o.g. Options in the "System Control / Network and Sharing Center", then click on "Adapter Settings" on the left, right click on the corresponding connection and then on "Properties" and "Network". Now you will find all bindings and logs.

3. Disable third-party add-ons in the browser IP Address is the default access point or gateway for most of the ADSL modems Please remove the "Enable 3rd party browser extensions" check box under "Windows / Start Button / (Settings) / Control Panel / Internet Options / Advanced". You can now try the next step, if desired, or restart your browser completely and enter (all instances closed?) To accept the new setting.

4. Settings for Internet Options

Please also check whether the Internet options are configured as follows:

• Security - Please set the default level "Medium" here.

• Privacy - Please ask