Goddess Myia

Therapist in New York

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I'm the 'Love Whisperer'!

All couples should have excellent emotional, sexual & spiritual health until the day they pass. My clients range from 25 to 102. I will teach you how to have an explosive sensual lifestyle.


(Tantra Certified, BA in psychology from NYU & 10 years teaching wellness) I recommend Tantra Wellness Training for people who want to change the world!


All sessions are 2 hours & I only work with couples:

- Explode your health by embracing a Vegan lifestyle.
- Extended your sexual and intimate life by 25 years.
- How to make your partner cherish you daily! Never get divorced.
- How to have attract abundance by letting go of illusions.
- How to be a formidable lover.
- How to make love for a long time, regardless of age.
- Tantra Lingam Techniques that will make you popular.
- How to make love for 6 hours 3 times weekly and never get bored.
- How to eliminate or prevent ED, diabetes & Dementia.


I'm located in Boston & New York...


(I recommend Love, if you want to be trained in this amazing art form.


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