Gourishanakar Solapure

Future Bodybuilder in Pune, India

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Hello, I'm Gourishankar. I am a student currently living in Pune, India. My interests range from reading, fitness, Aero Space. Well I'm multifunctional person, committed to complete UG in India. My father worked at former principal engineer at Air India and mother is house wife.

Well I did my 10th from ICSE board with 94.85% and 12th from HSC board with 65% which is an average score. Well I'm interested in Bodybuilding life. Bcoz when I join gym 1st time I seen a lot of difference how was i before joining the gym and after joining the gym. Bodybuilding is not good carrier to all. But for me, it's good but perfect as I think. Gym plays a very important role in every engineers life. Lots of people join gym for according their reasons. Someone join for impression, someone join for fitness, bodybuilding bla bla. Most of the guys, join gym only to impress the girls. Guys, gym is not for impression, it's about fitness, health. Its controls the unhealthy things in men's health. According the research, 90+% guys join gym only for impression 😁😁😁.

There 2 types of Gym,

1. Fitness gym. 2. Bodybuilding gym.

Fitness gym only to be fit. No more heavy workouts. Bodybuilding Gym means taking extremely heavy workouts to gain more muscle.

  • Education
    • Sinhgad College of Engineering