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Student in Selangor, Malaysia

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Hi, everyone.How about you all today?

Let's me introduce myself.

I'm Chew Hui Wen. People usually call me Chew or Hui Wen. Malay friends always can't call my first name, maybe the pronounce is difficult to them...I don't know. So, easier to call me Chew. I'm from Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang. But I'm living in Ampang Selangor since I born out because my dad is working at here. I like music, swimming, traveling,eating and playing badminton. My dad taught me to swim but i don't know what swimming style I am...HAHA. I'm a supporter of badminton especially to our Dato' Lee Chong Wei (Hehe... we are from same hometown). Who want to play badminton can invite me ! This year April I went to Switzerland to visit my uncle. This is my first time take 16 hours fly to there and also is my first time to take flight. Is a very good experience for me. I'm a introvert person. I'm not easy to share my feeling or some thinking ideas to someone. I feel difficult to say out my feeling to someone. Sometimes, i like to try new things but shyness stop me to try it. BUT if you really know me or we are very very best friends , i also can act GILA ...

What is important to me ? Hmm...

The word pop out my mind is FAMILY. Family always beside ourselves and you will think that is a matter of course. BUT when you start leaving home to continue my study, you will think family is important. you will miss family very well, especially parents. THATS ME!! Everytime I call back home, they will ask HOW ABOUT YOU TODAY? WHAT ARE YOU EATING TODAY? TAKE CARE YOURSELF! DRINK MORE WATER! This is what parents will ask. Family is my energy to go through and always support me.They always encourage me to try something that you haven't try it before. Beside that, FRIENDS also important. Friends is the one who go through thick and thin together in life. Especially in this Uni life, we have to learn how to communicate each other, discuss assignment in group and learn how to grow up and independant. And also have to take care each other when roommate is not feeling well or sick. EDUCATION is too important.. If does not have education or no one going to educate us, life will not going through easily and smoothly and somemore civilisation will not happen. Education can help one to be a better man.

Sometimes I hope I can have a good listener can help me solve my difficult and make me happy. I also can be a good listener if someone need me. So, i hope people around me always motivate me and encourage me to try out