Velp (Arnhem)


Velp (Arnhem)

"Look at the background image. What do you see? More important: What is it you're missing? A suggestion of alignment is aroused. But what if we let people interact with this system? What actually happens when people interact? Undercurrent and upstream?

These are intriguing aspects we encounter every day.

These aspects were the main reason for founding Intermens in 2002: an organization which focuses on the behavior and interaction of people in business.

We deal with what you can't see, but daily affects our feelings.

We first ask ourselves: How can we align the organization of our client? Why? Because we believe alignment is the glue for better business performance, now and in the future.

An aligned organization gets things done faster, with less effort, and with better results, is more agile and responsive to changing business conditions.

Second: we are excellent observers: We capture what we see and give it back to you. Attentive. Committed. With sincere attention. And with love, unconditionally.

Intermens is the active network of professionals I'm cooperating with. In projects. In coaching assignments. In workshops.

The last 15 years I had the privilege to work with a huge variety of clients. I am most grateful to them for letting me continue my business, but more important: it was them who challenged me to develop myself and discover what it is that moves me.

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Jeroen Kosterman

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  • Education
    • MSc TU Delft, Industrial Design, 1988