Jennifer Valarezo

Student in Palmeras, Ecuador

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Hi, Im Jennifer, I like to play sports like soccer, among others, im 18 years old and I ECUADOR procince of " EL ORO" MACHALA, every day I like to learn new things. My aspirations is to create a microenterprise to become a company but I have not very well defined that topic but if know how to use the money that goes to produce this microenterprise, I would use it to help the poor people who have no home and animals I would like to create a foundation for them to have a house, employment, security, health and come and be retumed to be citizens to the animals give them a home as a refugee for their later recovery I would like to have a match with the prefetures to put as a necessary implement for the animals dispensers of food for them, it is one of my aspirations I live in the streets Pichincha between Palmeras Sixth West: Barrio LAS TOLAS, I do not like to read but if I listen to audiobooks like GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ example: https: // is a very interesting audiobook called "A WATCHMANS STORY"

  • Education
    • UNE Educacion Nacional de Educadores
    • Colegio Machala