Keeper Of The Word Foundation


Keeper of the Word Foundation™ (KWF) is a non-profit organization founded by Gregory J. Reed in 1996 for the purpose of protecting the legacies of authors, artists and activists. KWF has been the primary producer or assisted with the following exhibits and projects:

KWF founder, Gregory J. Reed co-developed the Trayvon Martin official website and App. (Launched August 2013)

KWF and founder were awarded the 2013 Image Award for “Outstanding Children’s Literature” for “Obama Talks Back: Global Lessons- A Dialogue with America’s Young Leaders” (Amber Books), endorsed by President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama, and nominated for the “Phillis Wheatley 2013 Book Award”

“Dear Rosa Parks, Dear Mr. Mandela: Global Lessons” (Launched: 2008-2013)
First International Exhibit between America and South Africa’s history, endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the American Association of Museums

T-Shirt/Poster Contest for “Dear Rosa Parks, Dear Mr. Mandela: Global Lessons” Exhibit

Alex Haley/Roots Lecture Series with William Haley

“National Treasures” Rosa Parks Exhibit -Walt Disney Epcot Center (2007-2008 Contributor)

“100 Plus One, Before Motown and Beyond, Celebrating America’s Music” Exhibit-Set attendance record with 200,000 visitors- DuSable Museum, Chicago, IL

Malcolm X collections excerpts of the Unpublished Chapters Exhibit -Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit, MI

“The Journey” of African Americans/Americans imprint from slavery till Today Exhibit -Michigan State University

50th Anniversary of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee- Idle Wild and Detroit Opera House

40th Anniversary of the Montgomery Boycott/Rosa Parks
Literacy Campaign for State of Michigan (donated 12,000 books)

“America I AM” Exhibit (2009-2013 Key Contributor)
Largest African American Traveling Exhibit, Produced by Tavis Smiley

KWF in collaboration with the Motown Walk to Fame organization presents Detroit Walk to Fame (DWF) 2013

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