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Good day, there! I'm Laticia J. Ferraro, BabyNeedsRest's editor in chief and main baby sleep research writer. I'm a capable content researcher with a background in the area of newborn development, in addition to being an infant care freelance content writer. For as long as I can remember, I've been captivated with newborn care, parenting, and baby sleeping research. These are areas that I am very enthusiastic and passionate about. I've worked as an editing assistant, a research assistant, and a ghost writer in the past. I'm currently working on my own blog articles with BabyNeedsRest, but I'm always interested in new cooperation and partnership possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to collaborate on the growth of your brand!

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How Much Sleep Do Babies Actually Need?
Newborns have no concept of day and nighttime. They sleep all day and night, and since their little stomachs can’t contain enough breastmilk to keep them content for lengthy periods of time, they wake up often to feed.

How Much Sleep Do Babies Actually Require?

The bulk of a baby’s day is spent sleeping. The average amount of sleep time for newborns varies depending on their age.

Because this is a phase of rapid development, babies spend a large portion of their time sleeping. Parents need to be aware that changes in babies’ sleep habits are common and may not always signal a sleeping issue. The American Association of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics have decided not to suggest a specific amount of sleep for newborns under the age of four months.

Despite the fact that newborns and babies spend the majority of their time sleeping, they seldom sleep through the night. At roughly six months, newborns are assumed to have consolidated their regular sleeping time. According to a research, a significant proportion of six-month and twelve-month-old infants do not sleep for six or eight hours straight at night.

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