Leemor Chandally

New York, NY

Leemor Chandally is a LEED-certified urban planner and placemaker, focused on ways to improve public space and mobility through urban innovation and placemaking. She has lived and worked in the US and abroad in environmental planning, economic development and urban revitalization. Currently based in NYC, she founded URBAN SPACEship, bringing people together to collaborate on projects to make cities and neighborhoods more vibrant and innovative. She led projects and a series of workshops in collaboration with the City of San Francisco, Twitter, Project for Public Spaces, URBZ, and the IDEAS CITY festival.

Leemor co-created the Urban Parasol conceptual project – an urban structure offering sustainable solutions for urban spaces – which was awarded the Living Labs Global Awards: Cities Pilot the Future, selected by the city of Paris, and featured in Fast Company, The Guardian and Sustainable Cities Collective, among others.

Leemor also has extensive experience in urban transportation, running Dial 7, NYC's largest retail car service company and shifting it to a more tech-oriented company.

She loves exploring cities and markets, hiking, surfing and learning languages.

  • Education
    • McGill
    • Technion