Maf Lewis

Hollywood, California, United States

I work in film, music and advertising.

I created the UK Electronic record label Plastic Raygun in the mid 1990s as a means to further my design and film makeing. I created record sleeves before I filled them with music, I created video concepts before tracks were written. I wrote, produced and performed with the band Dynamo Dresden. Plastic Raygun went on to have significant chart success in 2001.

Current projects include directing a British Arts Council funded movie The Silence based on Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous dialogue, “Hell is other people”, with score to be perform to picture.

I run the music & film blog AnalogSuicide with Tara Busch. It focuses on creative ideas and new concepts.

In 2011, I delivered the concept of Google Consciousness as a TEDx Talk. I'm a partner at Flying Monkeys Entertainment in Hollywood. We produced movies, create advertising for brands, market music, but all under that banner of optimizing intellectual property.

  • Work
    • Filmmaker
  • Education
    • Exeter School of Design