Mediate One's Life -- Pamela Beck

Life Coach and Consultant in United States

Mediate One's Life -- Pamela Beck

Life Coach and Consultant in United States

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"Mediate One's Life" (a.k.a. the three-chair model) has become a touchstone, even a kind of guiding mantra, which originates -- a take off, really -- from NVC mediation pioneers John Kinyon and Ike Lasater's Mediate Your Life work; adapted, with permission, as it's a theme intentionally designed to be imparted to and infuse a world very much in collaborative need.

See also John Kinyon’s 3Chairs Project for Difficult Conversations That Change Our World:

"The vision of the 3Chairs Project is a critical mass of people around the world working together to respond to the challenges we face, and creating a peaceful, healthy, and sustainable world.

The mission of the project is people having difficult and important conversations — personal, work, political — using a '3 chairs' structure and process that brings mindful awareness, compassion and collaboration to these conversations. It’s about hearing and understanding each other in our differences and our pain, without needing to agree, and connecting at the level of our shared humanity to contribute to one another’s well being. It’s about having conversations that change us, that create the life and relationships we want, and that move us toward the world we envision…"

I offer consultations (schedule-permitting), and/or referrals to other practitioners of Nonviolent Communication, who are similarly oriented towards empathic coaching and skilled at facilitating supported-conversations/mediation -- regardless of whether the conflict resides within (interior/intrapersonal), without (interpersonal/societal), or, more likely than not, some combination of the two.

More as to my own path (as an NVC practitioner) here, an overview of my offerings here, as well as my CNVC-profile.

Also, feel free to contact me here or at [email protected].

May your #mediateoneslife forays prove fruitful,

Pamela Beck

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