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Curious as to exploring dialogic skill-building -- primarily rooted in NVC but also informed by a blend of other modalities as well -- you're welcome to peruse my blog, drop by our sangha "street giraffes" ( &/or drop me, Pamela, a line.

For a bit as to my background, I first encountered Nonviolent Communication while perusing a magazine article, vividly written by Katy Butler, detailing her discovery of NVC as a worthy complement to the Buddhist discipline of "right speech". (A bit more here as well as two other formative pieces: What's "Nonviolent" About Nonviolent Communication? & Wanting Fully Without Attachment.)

While intrigued, it would be a long & winding road towards becoming a "street giraffe" practitioner, myself: often challenged by ahimsa, while still drawn in by how NVC encompasses both introspection/outrospection (from a common denominator of universal-human-needs/values) and compelled by a mindfulness practice rooted in the spirituality of language (e.g. our self-expressive/listening 'choice-points' etc.).

Speaking of (dialogic choice-points), it's been invaluable, while on this path, to familiarize myself with NVC mediation skills, which can offer a "3rd chair" point-of-view as one navigates the intra/interpersonal dynamics of everyday life, both the interior, the exterior and how they invariably intersect.

As I mentioned atop, I offer @mediateoneslife referrals/consultations, along these lines, supporting dialogue (both within ourselves and with others) and facilitate a monthly telepractice group, as well. You're welcome to contact me via [email protected] with any inquiries you may have.

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