Street Giraffe

Life Coach in the United States

Street Giraffe

Life Coach in the United States

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Interested in exploring an empathic coaching primarily rooted in Nonviolent Communication, but also informed by a blend of other modalities as well? You're welcome to drop by our sangha and/or drop me a line to discuss other potential "learning edges" avenues.

For a bit of my background, I first encountered Nonviolent Communication while perusing a magazine article, vividly written by Katy Butler, detailing her discovery of NVC as a worthy complement to the Buddhist discipline of "right speech". (Two other formative pieces: What's "Nonviolent" About Nonviolent Communication? & Wanting Fully Without Attachment.)

While intrigued, it would be a long & winding road towards becoming a "street giraffe" practitioner, myself: often challenged by ahimsa, while still drawn in by how NVC encompasses both introspection/outrospection (from a common denominator of universal-human-needs/values) and compelled by a mindfulness practice rooted in the spirituality of language (e.g. our self-expressive/listening 'choice-points' etc.).

Speaking of (dialogic choice-points), it's been invaluable, while on this path, to familiarize myself with NVC mediation skills, which can offer a "3rd chair" point-of-view as one navigates the intra/interpersonal dynamics of everyday life, both the interior, the exterior and how they invariably intersect.

As I mentioned atop, I offer free @mediateoneslife consultations, along these lines, supporting dialogue (both within ourselves and with others) and facilitate a monthly telepractice group, as well. You're welcome to contact me via with any inquiries you may have.

Learn more as to the origin story of "giraffe" (symbolism) by way of my overview blog here or as to NVC, more broadly, via an alternate, more resource-intensive blog:

Fruitful forays,

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